Branding Photography for Marissa Birdi Styling Group

Dayton, Ohio

Marissa Birdi is the Principle Stylist of Marissa Birdi Styling Group - a Dallas-based personal styling and clothing curating firm that specializes in womenswear for “the ambitious, the creative, the thoughtful and the dynamic.”


Marissa and I met through my sister Jessica in 1999 (!), and we’ve remained friends ever since. Even then, Marissa, herself, was ambitious, creative, thoughtful and dynamic and could curate one great mixtape (really, they were the best.)

Marissa’s always had impeccable taste [in all things]. She’s simply a natural. And she’s honed her craft. She has an extensive background in the fashion industry – working for the prestigious brands of Club Monaco, Chanel, and Coach to name a few.


Aside from her styling prowess, Marissa is sharp, compassionate, thoughtful, and a gem of a client! Her mission of helping her clients navigate their evolving personal style with a mindful approach to dressing is one I admire. And after years of following one another in separate cities – Marissa in New York and myself in Chicago – we finally got to collaborate. This past summer, I helped her launch her website. And more recently, we did a photo shoot for her brand in our home city of Dayton, Ohio – with my sister Jess aptly tagging along! It was a blast.

Below are three of her effortless and stunning looks from our time together:

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

You can follow Marissa’s styling work and learn more about her practical and unique approach to helping you curate and develop your own style right here.