Floral Design for Missio Dei Chicago's All-Family Gathering

Missio All Fam Gathering-14.jpg

My church family is Missio Dei Wrigleyville. They have multiple congregations throughout the city, but Wrigleyville hosted its 10-year celebration October 12, 2018 called the All-Family Gathering.

A dear friend and mentor of mine Melissa Pillman asked me to design some floral arrangements for it, and I was thrilled. Our budget allowed for the focal flowers (those Caramel Antique Garden Roses!) and some foliage. And while Autumn is always magical, it became extra special as God provided the fillers just before the event. I picked up the greens, leaves, and grasses from my very own sidewalk.

I don’t have many photos of it, but I enlisted my friends Kamila and Elissa to help me create a Baby’s Breath installation. And we alternately hung branches of Copper Beech and plumy Agonis down the aisle. I also placed little vignettes throughout the church so it felt cohesive wherever you were.

I loved this color palette, the texture, and shape of these pieces. It was a ton a fun, and such an honor to decorate a place that has become so integral to my own life and relationships.