About me

This is me.

This is me.



And I'm grateful you're here.


I’m a multi-disciplinary creative who specializes in lifestyle photography, branding design, and floral design for creatives and entrepreneurs who desire to serve beautifully in your own calling.

I photograph a lot of things!

Portraits for branding, interiors (like for Houzz), stylings, food, flowers, Our Chicago Stories, and more. Need some professional shots? Tell me about what you’re looking for

I offer brand design

I’ve been honing my design craft for the past decade. I offer brand design and website creation. How can I help with yours?

I also take on floral Design!

Floral design has turned into a real passion of mine. If you’re interested in considering me for your wedding day, space, or intimate event, visit my floral page. I’d love to hear from you.

i serve you holistically

Firstly, I'm a storyteller and documentarian at heart – always have been. I am the Art Director and the Maker. I see design in everything – the pieces and the whole. My offerings are not disparate, but one in their nature. The composition in the photo, the flower, the design… This way of seeing is a lifestyle – intentionally honed. This pursuit of my craft(s) informs my work across mediums. And I believe it creates a more holistic experience for you.


My work was was born out of the need to create and to use my giftings (where my skill-set and calling overlap) to serve those who desire the same.

When you work with someone who is out of touch with their calling and purpose, you risk your vision and sacrifice the integrity of the thing you desire a professional to care for.

That’s not how I do business with my clients.

Lastly, and most importantly, when we work together, you can rest assured and trust that you and whatever it is we’re collaborating on will be properly cared for, period.

Nuance is at the heart of my work, like the shifts in light, the in between moments, and tonal harmony. I carefully consider color palettes, textures, annd composition.

Whether it's your brand, your home, your person, place, or event, I'm humbled and honored to provide floral design and photography for you in a truthful and artful way so that you can serve beautifully in your own calling.


I'm a native Ohioan and my beau Andrew a.k.a. @floewen is a native Kansan.

I called the amazing city of Chicago home for over a decade – where we met in 2013 – and we recently moved! Andrew and I now live in Kansas City, MO with our Maine Coon kitty Ollie Dean.

We’re excited to be here, dig in, explore, and contribute to this city.

We love light-play, antiquing, a quality cocktail wth friends, and we spend much of our free-time working on making an 1890s Victorian our home.

Feel free to say hello!



Rachel Loewen in Kansas City, MO on Houzz
Rachel Loewen in Chicago, IL on Houzz
Rachel Loewen in Chicago, IL on Houzz
Rachel Loewen in Chicago, IL on Houzz